About Rechta Advocatuur


Rechta Advocatuur® is a Law Firm, founded in 2009, located in the center of Amsterdam, at the so called belt of historical canals. The historic location shows tradition and quality, something which is similar to the services of Rechta Advocatuur. The efficient way of doing business enables Rechta Advocatuur® to provide service at an affordable rate, and even partially pro bono for insolvent clients.


Since 2014 Rechta Advocatuur® is specialized in the EU-sanctions against Russia, Eastern-Ukraine and Crimea as well as the Russian sanctions against the EU. mrs. over de Linden publishes on a  regular basis newsletters about the sanctions and practical actualities. She is currently finalizing her PhD dissertation on the topic of the EU sanctions. Before the Russian invasion in Ukraine the opinions of mrs. over de Linden on EU sanctions agains Russia and Crimea have been published in the national newspapers Het Financieele Dagblad, Het NRC Handelsblad and Trouw. Since the Russian invasion mrs. over de Linden has been interviewd by the Dutch and international media on a very regular basis. These articles and the newsletters can be found at the website under “lastest news” at the frontpage. (For an older booklet on the sanctions against Russia (published in 2015) press here: Boekje sancties NL versie

Due to the developments in Ukraine, since 24 February 2022, Heleen has been interviewed on a daily basis for the Dutch National and local Newspapers, for Radio (BNR and NPO1) and at 23 February 2022 for the first time NOS news at 20.00 PM.

Beside the EU sanctions, mrs. over de Linden, in her capacity of attorney-at-law at Rechta Advocatuur® is specialized in the SME businesses in the most broadest sense of the word. All different issues from possible upcoming court proceedings including the procedure itself is the working field of Rechta Advocatuur®.  Rechta Advocatuur® supports enterpreneurs with shareholders-, and/or directorship issues, with the drafting of general conditions, a POA, an agency-; distributor-; license or lease agreement, with defining their scope and applicability, until the dissolution of legal issues related to all kind of agreements aswell as related other issues, such as the tax consequences or the objection against a tax assessment. In case consultancy is needed about restructuring, mergers and acquisitions Rechta Advocatuur®  attracks the assistance of a respected lawfirm and civil notary, located in Amsterdam

Rechta Advocatuur® represents entrepreneurs and physical persons in Dutch courts in case of civil litigation. In case of sanctions-evasion, Rechta Advocatuur® also represents the entrepreneur and physical person in criminal court proceedings. In case there has to be set up court proceedings, this can be done in district courts and apellation courts of the Netherlands. Rechta Advocatuur® has extensive experience in civil-, and tax litigation aswell as in civil seizures and enforcement of court foreign court decisions (exequaturs). Since 2023 she is building up experience as well in the sanctions practise: writing memo’s about the applicability of sanctions. This means: no consultancy on sanctions, only fact checking, including fact checking in Russian language on the Russian internet. In case it went already wrong, mrs. over de Linden can represent client during criminal court proceedings.

Rechta Advocatuur® renders also out-of-court processes, more known as mediation services. Rechta Advocatuur ® does always an effort to bring parties ”around the table”, both with their own attorney or consultant, to settle the case amicable and to write down the agreement in the so called settlement agreement. Attorneys-at-law are also mediators (there is no separate law for being officialy a mediator). If it is clear that parties cannot settle a case Rechta Advocatuur ® assists with court proceedings.


Rechta Advocatuur®  is cooperating with a very experienced lawfirm and civil law notary in Amsterdam. In the field of criminal law she is cooperating with an attorney-at-law with more than 40 years experience in the field of Dutch criminal procedural law. This can be helpfull in cases were persons are imprisoned as a result of sanctionsevasion, which is a criminal offense under the WED (Wet Economische Delicten).

Other/Legal Opinion

The attorney-at-law working at Rechta Advocatuur® speaks Russian fluently and is sworn translator. She can write or translate summons and documents into Russian v.v.

Rechta Advocatuur is working with recent models for the practice of Kluwer and alimony calculation Split-online.