Corporate Law

Rechta Advocatuur can help clients in preparing shareholders agreements, solve director liability issues, as well as the settlement of agreements or disputes between shareholders and/or director(s). The scope of services of Rechta Advocatuur includes writing business plans, negotiations with banks or crowdfunders , checking and inf necessary negotiating the text of bank guarantees, verification of loan agreements and real-estate issues. A (buyer or seller) due diligence in mergers and acquisitions of SME is also provided. The asset of the attorney-at-law working at Rechta is the tax backround and expierence that helps to analyse annual accounts from both a tax and a commercial perspective.

More information about the following topics will be soon availabe on this page of the website: the shareholder, the director, (benefits of) the flex B.V., corporate law agreements, Business plan, financing and Litigation in corporate Law. This information is available already at the website in Dutch.