The FAQ’s normaly concerns the hourly fee of Rechta Advocatuur and the time it takes generally spoken as of the beginning of court proceedings until the court decision. More detailed information about the hourly fee you can find at “fee information”, about the time it takes to bring a procedure to a judgment see “civil litigation”.

Questions concern also the availability of parking space next to the office. This question cannot be answered with yes or no, because it depends not only on the moment of the day, but it is unpredictable. Sometimes it is possible to find parking space just in front of the office. Another time you may have not found a place after ten minutes searching. The nearest underground parking is at the Amstelstraat, called: The bank. 5-6 minutes walking from the office.

Tram 4 coming from the Central Station stops at the bridge Prinsengracht, Utrechtsestraat, approximately two minutes walking from the office.

The subjet below (fortunately) does not concern the frequently asked questions, but needs a place at the website.


If a client has a complaint about the services rendered by Rechta Advocatuur or the invoice, client can contact directly Rechta Advocatuur to discuss the issue. First of all the issue has to be discussed between parties. The attorney will make a written summary of the discussion, which document has to be signed by both parties. Only if parties cannot agree about a reasonable solution during the discussion, client obtains the so called ”dispute settlement regulations”in order the procedure with the “complaint officer”, can be set up.