(Beside permanent Education Heleen is giving courses on different topics).

Attended courses, approved by the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten:

– Contract Law, termination of contracts and the influence of Covid-19 (March 2021).

– Procedural Law: how to write good claims (february 2021)

– The most imporant factors for real estate investments (January 2021)

– Recent jurisprudence Family Law (January 2021)

-Mediation in Tax Law (seminar by Tax Inspectorate and the Dutch National Ombudsman). December 2020.
-The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft) (December 2020). Course by Birgit Snijder-Kuipers)
-Shareholdersagreements (November 2020)
-Problematic loans of the director-shareholder to his company with Limited Liability (B.V.) (November 2020)
– Inheritance Law (September 2020)
– Litigation in Family law cases (Lecture by a judge). August 2020
– Structured Feed-Back (May 2020)
– Seizure of property including draft law on the amendments (March 2020)
– The Dutch Tax inspectorate and Big Data + Algorithms (February 2020)
– Mergers & Acquisitions (December 2019)
– Intervision (December 2019)
– Corporations and non commercial associations (November 2019)
– How judges decide to award or to (partly) decline a claim. (Lecture by a judge). October 2019
– Contract law. Amendments or termination of long term contracts (October 2019)
– Litigation in first and second instance, with a focus on Family Law (June 2019) (lecture by a judge of the appellation court).
– The draft law on changes in alimony (April 2019)
– The value of assets on the corporate balance from a Tax perspective (in Dutch: “Goed Koopmansgebruik”). (April 2019).
– Hot issues in International Law (November 2018)
– The new Code of Conduct for attorneys-at-law in The Netherlands. November 2018.
– An inside look in how judges prepare their court decisions (full day lecture by two judges). November 2018.
– Anti Money Laundering Law (Wwft). October 2018
(how to recognise-, and to deal with issues)
– News in the field of Labor Law, October 2018
– On the protection of physical persons taking into account the GDPA (in Dutch the AVG). Mai 2018
– Actualities Dutch Administrative Procedural Law. January 2018
– Parental rights, contact with the children, youth protection, november 2017
– Fresh jurisprudence and amendments in Dutch Family Law, september 2017
– Basics of civil Construction Law, september 2017
– Summerschool in Moscow (Russia). Entrepreneurship and philantropy. 21-26 August 2017. Higher School of Economics.
– Anti Money Laundering Law (Wwft), June 2017
– Holistic practise law, April 2017
– KEI, digitalization of the Dutch Courts, January 2017
– Fresh jurisprudence and amendments in Dutch Familylaw, December 2016.
– Tax litigation (lectures of taxinspectors and lawyers), November 2016.
– News about the 2015 Labor Act (November 2016)
– Liability of the Director of the company (in general and in cases of bankruptcy/dissolution of the company) (October 2016)
– Digital seizure of assets (course by bailiffs) (April 2016)
– The view of the European judge towards international taxcases (April 2016)
– Negotiating (bargaining) for attorneys (March 2016)

Other attended courses: in archive.